Design for reinforcing construction work

Design for reinforcing of construction work

The process of design and calculation is carried out basing on standard of TC ACI 440.2R-08 of America. Then, it is checked by software provided by FRP manufacturer. 

Step 1: Survey and assessment of quality for the existing concrete and reinforcement

Tests for determination of existing concrete strength according to standards of TCXDVN 239:2006 and TCVN 9334:2012


  • Concrete strength must be good adhesion strength for FRP material. If concrete strength is not old enough, it must be treated according to separate process by special chemicals.


  • Reinforcement diameter is checked by ultrasonic method and its abrasion is also tested by Elcometer THD 331.
  • If reinforcement is abrasive, it must be repaired by special chemicals. 

Step 2: Assessment of bearing capacity for existing reinforced concrete and reinforcing design according to TC ACI 440.2R-08. 

Step 3: Design of working drawing.